Rosacea Treatment

What is Rosacea?

Face Parts - RosaceaRosacea is a skin disease of adults (also called “adult acne”). It is a facial rash usually composed of prominent redness and sometimes pimples as well. Mostly Rosacea occurs in the central part of the face – it can occur on the nose, chin, forehead and cheeks. Unfortunately these are the parts of the face that other can see.

About 45 million people worldwide suffer from a skin disease – rosacea. It is important to do rosacea treatment and take care of your skin while it is easier because it will become progressively worse over time if it is not treated.

What Causes Rosacea?

Rosacea more often occurs in women but it is also skin disease that can occur in men. Sometimes people get confused about their skin condition and think about skin disease like acne but this is something different and rosacea has nothing to do with acne.

Still there is no clear information about causes of rosacea but most doctors contend that causes of rosacea could be:

  • Alcohol consumption – it can also worsen the symptoms of the disease;
  • Condition of vascular;
  • Mites that live in hair follicles (Demodex folliculorum);
  • Heredity;
  • Foods with high in histamine and spicy foods;
  • Ganstrointestinal bacteria;
  • Sun exposure;
  • Also anxiety and stress.

These are considered as producers of dilation or wideners of the blood vessels. Increase of blood amount or blood vessels produces more red color.

Types of Rosacea

  • Pre-rosacea – this is the first phase of rosacea. Patient begins to notice first symptoms of rosacea. (More about symptoms on “Rosacea Symptoms”);
  • Acne Rosacea – acne and rosacea ar both completely different diseases but they can also appear together;
  • Vascular rosacea – this condition is more common in women. Result of swollen blood vessels in the face and it feels very uncomfortable and warm.
  • Facial Redness – this redness is a result of inflammation, an inherent healing process of the skin;
  • Rhinophyma – this is the late phase of rosacea. The redness of the skin increases and in some people the skin may also thicken. This condition is suggested to treat by surgery. It is also important to visit a doctor.

How to treat Rosacea?

First step is to understand in which phase you are.В In the last phase (Rhinophyma) it is suggested to see a doctor to find the best rosacea treatment for you;

Second step is to avoid below mentioned factors (What to do to avoid Rosacea in future?);

Third step is to get the most suitable Rosacea Treatment Cream for your condition (You can find them in “Rosacea Creams” section) or you can find the most popular below:

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What to do to avoid Rosacea in future?

Today rosacea is recognized as a common skin disease which develops step by step which means it is possible to avoid rosacea before it turns into Rhinophyma.

  1. By using skin care products – see more on “Rosacea Creams”;
  2. Steroids – if you are using steroids and you have been diagnosed with rosacea, it is very important to stop using them because they worsen symptoms;
  3. Alcohol – use alcohol as little as possible. Using alcohol doctors see as one of the causes;
  4. Foods – avoid spicy foods and foods with high in histamine;
  5. Use sun screen – but before you choose one, make sure that it does not contains alcohol and look for non-waterproof sun screens.
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Rosacea Symptoms

Rosacea usually occurs step by step and to avoid rosacea getting worse here are some symptoms you should know to take immediate action in case of rosacea (Also you can see there suggested products):

  • Little blood vessels appear on or around your nose or on your cheeks;
  • You feel that often you flush red in the face;
  • On the face develops irritated patches of red skin;
  • On you face developed reddish or pinkish bumps;
  • Itching and burning sensations.

See all products at Rosacea Cream section.

For minor cases, the face tends to become reddish and slightly blotchy that tends to go away once the trigger factors subside. Minor cases of rosacea tend not to be permanent and happen under certain conditions. The rosacea symptoms is more visible on people who are fair skinned because the contrast of reddish appearance on the skin against fair skin tends to be more prominent. However, it is unlikely that people of darker skin have lower rate of occurrence then fairer skinned people.

As rosacea progresses there is the possibility that pimples appearing on the skin. As rosacea progresses to more advanced stages the skin in the affected areas can look discoloured and sun burned.

Make sure you take a good care of your skin and use the right skin care products.

How to reduce rosacea symptoms?

There are some tips that you may use to avoid symptoms of rosacea and at the end even escape rosacea.

  • increasing one’s water intake by drinking at least 8 glasses of water will help the body to eliminate waste products and to remain cool;
  • avoid spicy foods, red wine and coffee;
  • drink alcohol as little as possible;
  • if you are using sunscreen, creams or cosmetics that contains alcohol, try to replace them with the products that do not contain alcohol;
  • do not touch your face much and certainly do not scratch it or rub it raw;
  • protect your skin from the damaging rays of the sun by using a sunscreen.

Also you can take care of your skin by using the right skin care products. See the video below!

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Home Remedies For Rosacea

There are always things that you can do at home to treat and escape faster from the Rosacea. Some of these methods we already discussed in other article (See: “Rosacea Treatment – What to do to avoid rosacea in future?”). These are also methods to avoid rosacea development.

Since Rosacea symptoms can spread fast, it is essential to use any of the home remedies for Rosacea. These remedies cannot cure the disease completely but can cure the symptoms well. To cure disease completely you will have to use some extra products like rosacea creams, oils or other products that are made especially for rosacea treatment (See more on “Rosacea Creams”). They can be easily used at home.

Some tips and suggestions:

  • First home remedy for rosacea that we suggest is to decrease the consumption of alcohol as little as possible. Not only intake but also look at your skin creams or sunscreen that you are using – make sure that these products do not contain alcohol (e.g. Zenmed products which are created to cure acne, rosacea and other skin disease DO NOT contain alcohol – more about Zenmed products);
  • Washing of the face must be done with lukewarm water than warm water, as the latter may aggravate the symptoms of this disease;
  • Application of enough sun block cream is recommended before stepping out in the sun;
  • Take a vitamin B complex capsule daily. It is made especially for building healthy nails, hair and more important in your case if you suffer from rosacea – skin;
  • In everyday life take foods that are rich in beta carotene because they strengthen your blood vessels;
  • Taking colored fruits and vegetables enriched in Vitamin A strengthens the blood capillary system and develops the body immunity;
  • Make a masque of yoghurt and oatmeal and also add a fruit extract which suits your skin (depends on oily or dry skin). Put it on your face and keep for 15-30 minutes. At the end just takes it off. It will help decrease rosacea;
  • Consuming fenugreek tea is a good natural remedy for Rosacea;
  • Well, probably this is easy to tell but it is also very important – lead a calm stress free life.

Home remedies for rosacea – Products that do not contain alcohol and can be used at home to treat rosacea and avoid it appearance:

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